LG is redefining what's possible in the classroom.

LG Digital Signage offers the ideal solution for various educational environments. Download LG's Education-focused e-guide: Maximizing Opportunities for Digital Signage in the Education Market. 

This guide summarizes the benefits of LG's digital display technology for classroom and campus use and provides profiles on four main audiences. 

Download Maximizing Opportunities for Digital Signage in the Education Market for a chance to win a $250 Amazon Gift Card.

Download the LG Education Display Guide for a chance to win a $250 Amazon Gift Card.

Solutions for:

Inside Classroom

Outside Classroom


Dormitory & Cafeteria

Zero Client


Connect students and faculty with LG’s cost-effective virtual desktop solution that networks multiple workstations to a single PC.

Our V series Zero Clients utilize a Teradici® TERA 2 Chipset and VMware to deliver a powerful and secure virtual computing solution while reducing system building and maintenance costs. LED backlight technology also provides a bright and clear display to facilitate a comfortable computing experience for daily office work and multimedia applications.

4K UHD Monitors

Ultra HD Large Screen

Ultra HD Resolution (3,840 x 2,160) Ultra HD Large screen delivers immersive viewing experience. 4K Upscaler Up-scaling and Super Resolution technology enhance the quality of FHD content to near UHD quality. 84" Large Screen Its large screen with wide viewing angles is effective in learning environments as the audience can view in any position without any problems.

Highly Reliable Touch Experience

5mm Protection Glass For educational environment where external impacts on screens can occur, the durability of 84TR3B is improved with 5mm protection glass. Built-in Touch The touch overlay seamlessly attaches to the screen, creating no gap for dust to enter and cause a malfunction.

Video Walls

Ultra Narrowest Bezel (VH7B)

The ultra narrowest bezel video wall enables the overall image of video wall to be much closed to a single screen.

Clear Viewing Angle

LG Video Wall ensures clear picture quality even when installed in stacks of more than four. This is very favorable for the quantity of video walls installed in large spaces.

Uniform Brightness

LG’s LED backlight technology guarantees high uniformity in brightness to ensure a clear picture. On other screens, certain spots may appear darker than others, but the new VH7B generates high visibility and a consistent brightness across the whole screen.

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